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Ethan Chin Photography Cycling America

Cycling Down America for Photography

Riding my bicycle from Banff to Jasper last year changed my life, and my photography. This year, I once again set off on a journey to photograph the landscapes along the American West Coast on a bicycle. This is the story of the greatest adventure of my life.

Ethan Chin Adventure Blog Spontaneity in Travel

Spontaneity in Travel

“Never make assumptions.” I learnt that cycling down the U.S. West Coast. The never-ending and freezing rain, combined with the tough terrain, made this adventure quite the challenge. My mistake? Going in thinking it would be easy.

Ethan Chin Adventure Blog Hiking Winter Backcountry

Hiking in the Winter Backcountry

Everything was constantly frozen solid. Just two days into our winter hiking adventure, the icy sting from Northern Ontario’s winter backcountry was already starting to set in for me and my sister. Would we really be able to hike 150 miles in 10 days?